Kompetenzverbund Software Systems Engineering

Software steers technical systems and optimizes processes in companies and organizations. As a cross-sectional technology software influences industry’s competitiveness and its power of innovation in a significant way.

At once software development is a very complex process. Therefore the Kompetenzverbund Software Systems Engineering concentrates knowledge of the university department “computer science” from Kiel and Lübeck and connects them to IT-establishments in Schleswig-Holstein. In common projects effective instruments and model-based procedures for automatic software-construction and –modernisation will be developed for using them e.g. in administration, logistics, medicine or railway technology.

As a result of this close collaboration of economy and science plus the intensive transfer of knowledge Schleswig-Holstein’s competitiveness will be grown sustainably.

Jan 31, 2015

Germany's true north will present its IT infrastructure on this years CeBIT in Hannover / Germany. Multiple companies came together to present their IT - products and services.